We have come to realise that, unlike in manned aviation, the rapid adoption of drone technology in key economic sectors like mining, agriculture and construction has huge opportunities for efficiencies and lowering of operational costs. This new technology has created a huge demand for drone pilots, technicians and data analysts.  


In response to this demand, Mzansi has set itself a target of training the next generation of drone workforce that will meet the demands of this growing industry. We plan to achieve this goal through a combination of conventional training methods in collaboration with accredited training organisations and through the use of simulators. Our goal is to lower the cost of drone pilot not to flood the drone job market but to reduce the number of illegal operators, who are threatening the viability of this industry.



A number of organisations that are potential users of drone technology are still ignorant about the regulations that govern the use of this technology. Most of these organisations start by procuring drone equipment before doing a proper analysis of the problem they are trying to solve. Others launch in-house drone services units only to be stuck on compliance and regulatory red-tape.


At Mzansi we advise these clients on the best possible course of action to develop a drone programme and the acquisition of these services. Our advisory services include framing and analysis of the problems and pain points that are impacting on the organisation’s efficiencies and competitive advantages. The outcomes of these analyses are used to develop tailored solutions that cost less than manual processes that do not involve the use of drone technology. In the event that clients want to outsource the services completely, Mzansi is able to assist in the procurement of these services from certified service providers.



At Mzansi we have recognised that drones are very efficient devices for collection of data that in jobs that are either dangerous, dull, dirty and/or costly. These data sets can either be relayed on real time basis or processed afterwards to produce valuable insights. The real value of drone technology is in data analytics and this is an area wherein Mzansi plans to play a meaningful role. We will achieve this through research partnerships with higher education institutions (HEIs) and research institutions. We will also partner with local and global drone companies that have proven technologies in this area.