“More businesses die from indigestion than starvation” – (Packard D, 1995)

This Accelerator Programme equips start-ups/SMEs in the following areas:

Module I

Week 1-4

Problem-Solution Fit

Module II

Week 5-6

Building Minimum Viable Product

Module III

Week 7-8

Market Validation

Module IV

Week 9-10

Go-to-Market Strategy

Module V

Week 11-12


Our Partners

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Start-ups and Alumni

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EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 9 – Testing an MVP

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 10 – Customer Development for MVP

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 11 – Customer Validation for MVP

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 12 – AARRR Funnel Optimisation “Growth Hacking”

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 14 – Tech Adoption Life Cycle and Customer Development

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 16 – Pitching Guidelines

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 17 – Evaluation of Start-up Pitches

EWC Drone Accelerator

Week 18 – Start up Funding Stages

Guest Lecture

Moses Kotane Institute


Decade of the Drone Webinar Series

Episode 2

Use of Drones in Public Order Policing, hosted by JMPD